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Latest News

Latest News

MBS Access Talks – The Benefits of Hiring Access Equipment as and When

Published on 27/06/2017

As one of the leading providers of access equipment, MBS understand the benefits of using our services as and when they are needed, rather than investing in machinery that you may only need on a handful of occasions throughout the year.

Below are just some of the reasons that we think our services could be beneficial in the long run for your business needs.

  • Cost effective – Investing in access equipment isn’t cheap and when you’re thinking of doing so, you’ll have to work out the cost per use and how much you will need to use it. By using MBS, you don’t have to think about storage and you also only need to pay for it when you need it. We suggest writing out a plan for the times you’ve previously needed access equipment and when you might in the future to help work out if it’s necessary to purchase the machinery.
  • We have a selection of equipment available – Whereas if you owned access equipment you would most likely have one or two machines, we have a wide range of lifts and access machinery ready for you to use. You can cater to each individual job you have, depending on the ease of the work and where you need it.
  • We can send trained staff to the job – As aforementioned, access machinery is expensive and when it isn’t being used by trained staff there is risk of damage to the equipment. To minimise this, we can send down a member of the MBS team along with the hired lift to ensure that the job goes as smoothly as it can.

These are just a few of the reasons that our MBS Access team believe it’s better to hire out equipment than invest long-term. It becomes an easy and efficient process for any required access that you or your business need.

With the combination of our knowledge and friendly, professional customer service you are guaranteed a quality experience. For more information, contact a member of our team today by calling 01376 583 967 or enquire via email at hires@mbsaccess.co.uk.

Spring Clean Your Windows with MBS Access

Published on 23/06/2017

Spring has officially sprung; the days are getting later, the sun is here to stay and the flowers are in bloom. Not only does spring evoke the feeling of joy for most, but it is also the kickstarter we all need to getting organised for the year. And what better way to feel organised than a full spring clean!

While we rush to start spring-cleaning our own homes, it’s important we don’t neglect our shop windows and store fronts.

If you’re a commercial window cleaner, then MBS Access’ fleet of spider lifts is what you need for your next job.

Our Spider Lift Tracked Aerial Access Platforms give you the right flexibility and height you need for window cleaning as well as the perfect outreach. With its entirely unrivalled accessibility, the spider lift can work within the buildings as well as restricted or complex areas where conventional access platforms cannot be used.

Our brand new Bluelift SA11 spider lift is able to go through a standard pair of double doors without any difficulty. Not only is it compact but it is lightweight, meaning the lift can handle rough terrain, soft or loose ground while protecting any fragile floors or surfaces.

Since the Work at Height Regulation 2005 was brought in, window-cleaning contractors have had to address the strict safety regimes. This means tracked access systems are increasingly being seen as a safer, more versatile and alternative to costly scaffolding, ladders or traditional ‘cherry-pickers’.

MBS Access is the South East’s leading provider of access equipment. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional team will respond to your needs promptly, by promoting a quality service and going to great lengths to satisfy our customers.

To find out more about hiring MBS Access’ fleet of access machinery, call 01376 583 967 to speak to one of our friendly staff.

MBS Access Talks - SA11 Round up

Published on 21/06/2017

As you may be aware we are now able to offer the SA11 spider lift which is currently the only one available for hire in the South of England. This is a new addition to our MBS access family, that’s available to for hire across the UK.

What’s so special about this specific lift, you ask?

Well, it’s compact transport dimensions enable it to be the perfect solution for fragile surfaces. Due to the machine having an adjustable width, it will easily fit through any doorway. This piece of machinery weighs 1,480KG, has a working height of 10.73cm and a platform height of 8.73cm.

What’s the lift useful for?

The SA11 is ideal for a range of business sites; churches, heritage sites, cinemas and theatres. It’s able to give the owners full peace of mind as it limits the risk of any damage occurring during the movement or placing of materials. Because of its ability to fit into difficult and small spaces, damage and marks to the flooring or surrounding areas are a lot less likely than with other lift options.

Where has the SA11 been so far?

With our new addition being an unique in the South of England, we have already been inundated with enquiries. We recently visited a gallery in London who were very happy with the efficient and safe approach that this new spider lift offers to the world of access. 

Our access hire company is currently based in Essex but our team are happy to travel across the UK, for all your access needs. We have a range of lifts available, suitable for all occasions, some even reaching heights of up to 36 metres. For any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our website for more information.

Spotlight on MBS Access’ Bluelift SA11 Spider Lift

Published on 13/06/2017


Did you know MBS are one of the only companies in the UK who offer the Bluelift SA11 Spider Lift? Meaning you and your company can be some of the very first people to use this Spider Lift on your project.


Italian access machinery company, Bluelift have created the SA11 Spider Lift that is designed to be extremely safe and compact. MBS Access has welcomed this new addition to our fleet and is ready to hire out all over the country as of now!


Just like other specialist tracked platforms, the SA11 Spider Lift is outstandingly compact; in fact it is able to fit through a standard doorway, making it perfect for heritage sites and churches where there are high ceilings and tight passages that could cost you a lot if damaged.


Due to its compact nature, this Spider Lift is also lightweight. The Bluelift SA11 comes complete with minimal point loadings that are ideal for fragile surfaces such as manor houses and castles to prevent harm to flooring.


Finally, this Spider Lift comes with adjustable tracks for maneuverability to make the lift able to pass through a single door. This makes it again ideal for facilities companies, heritage sites, cinemas, churches and leisure centres who need a large outreach (6.7m) but do not have a lot of space.


Our Bluelift SA11 is available to hire with our experience IPAF operators on board to set up and support your use of the lift.


As one of the South East’s leading providers of access equipment, MBS have years of experience selling and renting out our specialist access machinery to meet all of our customer’s needs.


To find out more information about MBS Access fleet of access machinery, call our friendly yet professional team on 01376 583 967


MBS Access and World Environment Day.

Published on 08/06/2017

World Environment Day falls on the 5th of June this year. As a result, this month at MBS we have taken the opportunity to talk to you about how our team keep our emissions to a minimum by using hybrid machines which are eco-friendly.


So, what is World Environment Day? It is an event that was founded in 1974 and has since grown to become a day which is recognised worldwide and is celebrated in over 100 countries. Most of all, World Environment Day is a time where the people can give back.


What are we doing to help the environment? Here at MBS Access we offer specialist equipment that are designed to be eco-friendly. We offer a variety of Scissor Lifts which have both electric and diesel options available which help us reduce emissions.


Our machines help the planet by passing alternating current which creates a magnetic field. This is much better for the environment compared to a stereotypical fuel run engine which involves burning fossil fuels that contribute to pollution levels.

One electric run model we currently offer is the Spider Lift model Multitel SMX 250- this design has an 11m lateral outreach which is ideal for bigger jobs.


We also have Spider Lift models which run on bi-fuel. This means that the engine can run on both diesel and alternate this with fuel - MBS can offer you the CMC-S15 Spider Lift which has a 200kg cage capacity and can carry out almost all narrow jobs.


Our team carries out work a lot of work in the South East and surrounding areas to reduce emissions and help keep the planet greener and cleaner. We take pride in offering hybrid machines which as mentioned above means they are more energy efficient compared to standard fuel run equipment.


If you would like more information on what other services we can provide - get in contact with us on 01376 583 967.

Bluelift SA22 Tracked Spider Lift

Published on 26/05/2017

 Our Bluelift SA22 tracked spider lift is ideal for:

Facilities Management - the SA22 can be used for high-level cleaning, window cleaning, lighting maintenance, HVAC maintenance, and for seasonal decorations.

Working in Atriums - in offices, shopping centres, hospitals, museums, leisure facilities and arenas.

Outdoor work on uneven or sloping ground, the outriggers help you to work outside in areas where traditional platforms would struggle with the terrain.

Working close to buildings - the 3-position outriggers mean the SA22 can get in close in narrow aisles or alleyways, optional asymmetric stabilisation further increases the options for set up.

Tree surgery - all services to the platform are housed within the all-steel boom sections helping to prevent damage from falling debris.

To find out more information about MBS Access and our range of access machinery, look here: www.mbsaccess.co.uk



New 23 metre CTE Spider

Published on 26/05/2017

MBS Access has taken delivery of a new CTE 23 metre tracked spiderlift.

The CTE T230 has a working height of 23 metres and a impressive outreach of 12 metres, it comes with non-marking tracks and due to its compact size of under 5 metres long and under 1 metre wide it can fit through a standard doorway.

If you require any information please do not hesitate to contact Ben Dobson on 07908658478 or email on hires@mbsaccess.co.uk.